AFC heralds new chapter in the land reform programme

By ZBC Reporter

THE Launch of AFC Holdings has marked a new chapter in the history of the land reform programme as all farmers will have access to affordable funding, farming equipment and insurance, which have been the missing link in fully utilising the land.

While the inception of the fast track land reform programme at the turn of the millennium has seen hundreds of thousands of landless Zimbabweans benefiting, the ushering in of AFC Holdings under the new dispensation will bring relief to the bulk of farmers who were battling to fully utilise their pieces of land.

Speaking during the launch ,AFC Holding Chairman Joel Mutizwa touched on the challenges faced by farmers and how the bank would give a new lease of life to the agricultural sector.

The opening of this bank will avail cheap loans with low interest. As you are aware that farmers could not afford to borrow over the past year owing to high interest rates,he said.

Acting AFC CEO Francis Macheka noted that corrupt tendencies would not be tolerated.

The era of borrowing and not paying back loans will not be tolerated. We will avail loans and equipment and make follow ups to ensure sustainability of this new financial institution,he said.

Farmers expressed gratitude to the second republic for restructuring Agri-Bank into a viable one stop centre of agriculture empowerment.

The AFC holding which brings affordable funding and equipment to farmers has been the missing link to turnaround our agriculture. Farmers got land but the issue of accessing funding and equipment has been a nightmare, but with this launch we expect revitalisation of the agricultural sector.

With all farmers given the opportunity to access affordable loans and equipment, the era of low production in the farming sector will be a thing of the past.

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