Tobacco:24 million kgs sold, more than USD 62 million in 10 days

By ZBC Reporter

The 2021 tobacco marketing season is on course, with 24 million kilogrammes of tobacco having already gone under the hammer, raking in more than 62 million United States Dollars, just ten days after the floors opened.

A quantitative and qualitative analysis of this year’s tobacco marketing season compared to the previous year reveals a huge growth of the tobacco industry, thereby strengthening the country’s foreign currency generation capacity through the golden leaf.

Aggregate volumes sold in 10 days have grown by 88 percent from 13.3 Million kilogrammes last year to 24.8 Million kilogrammes, raking in 62.4 Million United states dollars, a hundred and nine percent increase from last year’s 29.8 million United States dollars.

TIMB Public Relations Officer Chelesani Moyo says the board anticipates the 2021 season to break all the previous records for both quality and volumes sold.

The Marketing season has progressed well so far exceeding expectations and we have now managed to overcome small challenges that we experienced at the onset,said Moyo.

The average price per kilogramme for the current season is 2.51 United States dollars against last year’s 2.25 United State Dollars, while the highest price is 6.40, 20 cents lower than last year’s 6.60 in the first ten days of the season.

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