Empowerment to spur Zimbabwe’s economic recovery targets

By ZBC Reporter

In light of various government economic empowerment initiatives, economists say it is self-sustenance ,productivity and job creation ability that should spur the local economy to greater heights.

Agriculture, construction, manufacturing, retail and tourism are some of the sectors that have to date attracted huge participation by locals since 1980.

 Speaking to ZBC News Commercial Lawyer Mr James Makiya said despite some past economic challenges, government has played its part in ensuring empowerment of local entrepreneurs.

 We are seeing it on our on how the entire programme is creating positive outcomes so it is all about good and attractive laws to increase more participation, he said.

Chairperson Fungioliv Group Mr.Edward Chimedza highlighted that the challenge is now upon the industry players to deliver.

I am one of the beneficiaries of the empowerment drive and one can see that this project has had its own share of successes, I, therefore, call upon all the relevant industry players to deliver so as to ensure that the economy flourishes.,he noted.

Increased gold output by small scale miners, more tobacco from locals, improvement in the availability of local goods, more domestic investors on listed companies, the dominance of local firms in road rehabilitation programme bear testimony of benefits arising from the empowerment initiatives in the country.

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