Govt prioritises border posts upgrade in anticipation of re-opening

Government has prioritized modernizing the country’s ports of entry to reduce smuggling that continues to deprive the country of millions of revenue.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube this Sunday toured Plumtree Border Post where he emphasised the urgent need for borders to be equipped with tools that will help curb smuggling as borders will be opened soon for passenger traffic. 

“We are informed that when you tighten screws here, people cross into Botswana using other illegal entry points. As government we are concerned and we are going to equip you.

“We have authorized the purchasing of drones to reduce smuggling and illegal migration. Very soon we are going to open up borders for passenger traffic and we expect the borders to be having a lot of pressure and we will see how best we give you support,” said Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube.

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) Region Two Manager, Mr Bekezela Majokojoko said more revenue can be achieved if some infrastructure is spruced up.

“Plumtree is one of our border posts which was constructed sometime ago; it has not yet been refurbished. The access roads leading to Mphoengs and Maitengwe border post are 90 km of a very rough road.

“It would be better to have those roads improved for better inflow of traffic that side,” said ZIMRA Region 2 manager, Bekezela Majokojoko.

Government is targeting to implement the one-stop border post concept at all of the country’s ports of entry to enhance customs clearances and trade facilitation.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is set to receive a consignment of one million vaccines next week from China as government moves to achieve a 60 percent herd immunity.

Added Professor Ncube, “We are importing more vaccines next week which will bring the total to one million doses. It’s important that we get vaccinated. I have been vaccinated and I urge people to do the same. It is better to be vaccinated than to contract Covid-19.”

The vaccination programme is being rolled countrywide as the country battles to control the spread of the pandemic.

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