NRZ board challenged to be innovative

Government has challenged the National Railways of Zimbabwe board and management to be innovative in the formulation of vibrant strategies to turnaround of the ailing parastatal.

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister, Honourable Felix Mhona had a tour of the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) in Bulawayo this Friday, where he spoke on the critical role of the entity’s board and management to turnaround the institution’s fortunes.

He said the begging bowl that NRZ is extending to government is not enough to revive the company, hence the need for innovative thinking on the part of the parastatal’s leadership.

“Extending a begging bowl to government is not the answer to entirely solving the parastatal’s recapitalisation problems.

“As a nation we are endowed with a number of resources that we can turn around ourselves. The turnaround of NRZ lies in the board. It is the capacity to have ideas to generate revenue which is important,” said the minister.

Honourable Mhona also noted that re-industrialisation of such firms as ZISCO is also central in the resuscitation of the railway company and the sector as a whole.

“Restoring of ZISCO and re-industrialisation of some of our industries will help bring up the rail industry because we will be able to purchase some of the things locally,” he said.

The NRZ is seeking a bailout from the government to recapitalise and purchase new locomotives and equipment.

The railway company still uses equipment and locomotives which was purchased in the 1930s.

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