Firm launches mining market platform

Zimbabwe’s envisaged 12 Billion mining industry by 2023 has received a boost from some mining stakeholders who have come up with a cutting-edge technology-based platform to link local miners to the rest of the world.

A local company, Zimvest Mining, launching the platform for mining stakeholders.

The cost effective and efficient platform which is already trending brings together Zimbabwean miners, local and international investors in a multifaceted and coordinated approach to increase mineral production.

“We have come up with this initiative to make it relatively easy for the entire mining community to interact virtually.

Also, in light of the covid-19 travel restrictions, business has to continue so this platform provides that continuity. The platform is a marketplace for mining players, suppliers and buyers of mining equipment,” said platform developer, Takunda Chifokoyo.

Zimbabwe Miners Federation CEO, Mr Wellington Takavarasha welcomed the platform saying it is going to improve the ease of doing business for the mining sector especially during this COVID-19 era.

“As the mining sector we really appreciate the practical mining solutions this platform is going to bring to the extractive industry in Zimbabwe which plays a pivotal role for the development of the economy,” he said.

This virtual mining platform is expected to increase interaction of the country’s mining community and improve operational efficiency for the betterment of the mining industry.

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