Govt commits to reviving local motor industry

By Fungai Jachi

Government has reiterated its commitment to supporting the resuscitation of the local motor industry as it aims to address transport challenges, ensure value chain development, generate foreign currency and create employment.

Since its opening in 1960, Quest Motors has never closed its doors despite the challenges that are faced by the motor industry in the country especially with the proliferation of cheaper used vehicle imports.

The potential that Quest Motors has to turnaround the motor industry in the country is undeniable.

Tom Sarimana, Quest Motors General Manager, said, “We can produce in excess of 10 000 vehicles and we can employ at least 3 500 workers per day in three eight hour shifts if the business is there.

“The facility is there and so is the infrastructure. We have also started to make our own jigs as opposed to what we did in the past.”

Government is clear on the need to support the revival of the industry if the country is to attain an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

“A lot of employment can be created and we can also reduce the forex we use for importing. We need to massively market the vehicles that are being produced here so that we create a market,” said Mr Edgars Seenza, Manicaland Provincial Development Coordinator.

“Under the President’s mandate for local production innovation creation of employment and economic growth we as the ministry of industry and commerce have taken the President’s directive to promote local production very seriously.

“This week alone I have met with the Buy Zimbabwe Campaign representative, I have had a meeting the local content strategy stirring committee and I have finished off the week by coming to see what a company like Quest Motors is doing to promote local production,” said Dr Sekai Nzenza, Minister of Industry and Commerce.

The motor industry is a strategic sector for the economy in terms of employment creation, value addition, contribution to the GDP and meeting the motor vehicle needs of the economy.

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