Tourism sector urged to prepare for post-covid surge in arrivals

By Luckmore Safuli

Zimbabwe’s safari industry and other tourism players have been urged to position themselves to benefit from the anticipated surge in tourist traffic post-Covid-19, amid forecasts that most conscious travellers will seek natural and safer spaces.

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Panel of Experts have also projected a strong demand for open-air and nature-based tourism, which makes Africa and Zimbabwe in particular the most ideal destination.

Vayeni and Zambesia Conservation Alliance Co-Founder Luke Brown stressed the need for the local tourism sector to be well-prepared and to capitalise on the projected surge in demand for natured-based tourism activities.

“I totally agreed that Africa, Zimbabwe and its wild spaces are going to be that much higher in demand coming out of the COVID-19 crisis.

“People are desperate to get into areas like this where there are open spaces and you can breathe fresh air and feel safe,” said Brown.

Shearwater Adventures Communications Manager Clement Mukwasi is convinced that there will be a major shift in tourists’ preference post-COVID-19.

“Victoria Falls has always been the capital of eco-tourism and its environmental consciousness is unrivalled in the region.

“This is a place endowed with natural and beautiful terrain, various animal species and a rural population which is very rich in African culture. It is a must ‘go-to’ destination which has hosted millions of travellers from all over the world in the past.”

A recent report compiled by the ‘We Are Victoria Falls’ team on behalf of the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry revealed that natured-base safari lodges or camps will be the preferred accommodation post-Covid-19.

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