ZIFA urged to engage govt on PSL resumption

By Larry Trusida

Football stakeholders have challenged the Zimbabwe Football Association and the Premier Soccer League to engage government and come up with a comprehensive plan for the resumption of football in the country.

This follows concern raised over the amount of time lost by players as football continues to be at a standstill with no clear plan in sight.

Stakeholders in the football industry have called on the responsible authorities to engage government and come up with a comprehensive plan.

Soccer coaches union of Zimbabwe, Secretary General Newsome Mutema says football is an industry and must be treated as such.

“We continue to be left behind and talent is being lost we need to come up with a plan. I ask myself what Zambia, Malawi have that we don’t have.

“We simply need to engage government because they have already given us a plan. Football is business and should be treated as such,” said Mutema.

Former Warriors midfielder Tinashe Nengomasha weighed in, challenging authorities to engage government.

“The association needs to look for solutions and there are many people who I feel can help engage them and engage your government. It is a matter of people seating down and coming up with a dialogue and football can restart,” he said.

President of the Sports Leaders Institute of Zimbabwe Russell Mhiribidi called on PSL and ZIFA to learn from neighbouring countries.

“We should always yearn to be the best and the best in our region is South Africa. The best is powered by TV and TV is big business and in Zimbabwe it hasn’t been respected. We need to come up with mini secure bubble just like everyone is doing.”

It’s been over a year without football and there is no clear plan in sight, but just rumors and one hopes they will be light at end of the tunnel.

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