Mining and Agriculture sector expected to spur NDS1

By Owen Mandovha
Analysts say Zimbabwe’s economy will absorb external shocks, with the agriculture and mining sectors expected to spur National Development Strategy One objectives.
While it is still early days to establish if the 2021 economic targets will be met given the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, analysts have downplayed any wide variances given the anticipated record agricultural and mining production this year saying implementation of the National Development Strategy One is firmly on course. 
“Agriculture is set to break records this year and commodity prices are expected to remain firm. This is good news for the economy and despite the Covid-19, we are poised to meet all budgetary targets,” said Langton Mabhanga.
“Of course we are seeing many challenges induced by Covid19 but there is hope given that raw materials will be easily available compared to the years before. This will mitigate the effects of any downside of the economy caused by Covid-19,” said Persistence Gwanyanya.
The 2021 National Budget has forecasted a 7.4 percent economic growth rate based on impressive performance from the two critical sectors of the economy, agriculture and mining.
The 5 year National Development Strategy One is therefore less likely to face major bottlenecks in terms of implementation.

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