Consumers demand improvement in off-site support services to ensure lockdown compliance

By ZBC Reporter

LOCAL service providers have come under fire for failing to adjust to the COVID-19 induced new normal, which requires improved access and use of off-site support services for the convenience of consumers, especially under the lockdown setup.

With the end of Covid-19 not visible in the near future, service providers have been encouraged to adapt to the new normal so as not to shortchange consumers.

 Speaking to ZBC News Consumer Council of Zimbabwe Matabeleland Regional Manager Mr Comfort Muchekeza challenged service providers to urgently bolster off-site service delivery to retain consumer convenience.

The COVID-19 disease has introduced a new normal where physical contact is discouraged. In other countries, we have seen a deliberate shift of policy where off-site consumer support services are promoted. But when we contrast with what is happening home it’s so disheartening to note that no one seems to care to promote that, he said.

National Consumer Rights Association Spokesperson Mr Effie Ncube spoke on the importance of embracing technology especially during such times.

Technology and call centres were created to bridge that gap, but the uptake by service providers is not pleasing. Those who have such facilities make little efforts to publicise and achieve maximum use so that people are not forced to violet lockdown regulations physically queuing for services they could utilise in the comfort of their homes, noted Ncube.

The challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have necessitated the use of various off-site support platforms which enable people to use video, live chats, telephone or email to virtually transact and communicate.

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