Industry seeks survival strategies amid Covid-19 pandemic

THE manufacturing sector is now focusing on long term survival strategies amid the Covid-19 pandemic while engaging government over the extension of business operating hours.
The manufacturing sector has realised that gone are the days for pinning hopes on post-pandemic recovery plans.
Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) President Mr Henry Ruzvidzo says instead industry is now focusing on survival strategies and methods to cope with Covid-19.
“We have seen that this pandemic is there to be with us so we have to take that into consideration and consider fresh operating modalities under such circumstances,” said Mr Ruzvidzo.
The CZI is proposing business to continue operating while taking into account the mitigation strategies.
With official data showing that imports of consumables have been on a downward trend, the manufacturing sector has also been seized with an opportunity to boost production. That the sector has also benefitted from the foreign currency auction system by accessing hard cash the manufacturing sector has also managed to increase production . Findings by the CZI shows that the auction system has also lead to increased availability of locally manufactured goods in the formal shops
The country’s largest industrial body has also proposed a wide range of interventions to save firms and enable them to recover.
The manufacturing sector has not been spared from the negative effects of the pandemic. Mr Ruzvidzo however said hope has not been lost as evidenced by opportunities from the pandemic.

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