Small-scale miners get private sector support

A private organisation has pledged to support government in formalising and registering artisanal miners through digital mechanisms to ease perennial challenges facing the sector.

The pledge come as government’s vision of a US$12 billion mining industry appears to be well on course, with the gold sector expected to contribute US$4 billion.

However, several challenges in the small-scale mining sector are hampering efforts towards that goal and artisanal miners are pleading for interventions to help formalise their operations.

“As a syndicate we have been stopped to operate because there is confusion regards our registration status and this affects our targets hence year in year, but we are chasing the wind and we can’t contribute to development that way,” said a small-scale miner.

“Another added: “The manner in which we operate here is dangerous because we lack proper equipment and also use unsafe methods of processing the ore.”

A private organisation led by Dr Cephas Msipa Junior who engaged the miners in Mazowe pledged technological support to help solve recurring challenges.

“The small-scale mining sector is the biggest contributor of deliveries to Fidelity Printers and Refiners despite the persistent safety and production efficiency challenges,” Dr Msipa said.

Dr Msipa said the Digital Vision for Sustainable Investment can also be extended to sectors such as housing and farming, underscoring the need to leverage digital solutions in implementing the National Development Strategy One.

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