Mashonaland Turf Club defies SRC directive

By Larry Trusida

In a clear breach of the Covid-19 regulations, the Mashonaland Turf held races this Sunday without approval from the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC).

Seven races were held at Borrowdale Park with the feature event being the Guineas Trial.

When ZBC News sought a comment from the SRC, Acting Director-General Garikai Sébastian said the commission has not approved any associations to resume sporting activities.

“As it stands at the moment we have not yet received or issued out any approvals to resume sporting codes, however, submissions have been made by National Sports associations and the process is ongoing.

“The SRC continues to be vigilant in guarding against complacency in the containment of Covid-19 more so in view of the current prevailing second wave of the pandemic,” he said.

On its part, the Mashonaland Turf Club Chief Steward said they had a verbal agreement with the SRC Chairperson.

“We have a verbal agreement with the chairman of the SRC, but we haven’t received and documentation to that effect but we have been in constant discussions with them.”

Coming off Zimbabwe darkest week in terms of Covid-19 deaths, it is worrying that there are individuals who continue to disregard government’s directives to save lives.

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