Bulawayo vendors ignore Covid-19 lockdown measures

By Yolanda Moyo

Vendors have resurfaced in the streets of Bulawayo, disregarding set lockdown measures and World Health Organisation regulations while playing hide and seek with law enforcement agents.

The vendors have ignored key Covid-19 containment disciplines such as keeping social distancing and proper wearing of facemasks, making vending areas potential hotspots for the deadly pandemic.

ZBC News visited illegal vending spots in the Bulawayo Central Business District and Cowdray Park Sign Post terminus and observed that the only thing that people were worried about was their business of the day, with adhering to Covid-19 regulations being secondary.

The vending spots were also characterised by unhygienic handling of vegetables, putting the lives of the buyers at risk of contracting water borne diseases.

“We do not sanitise people; it is business as usual for us. We are here looking for money that all.

“To be honest with you, l only get to wash my hands when I get home at night. I cannot afford to buy sanitizer to sanitise my customers.

“Some people come to buy not even properly wearing their masks making it easy for the virus to spread but l cannot chase them away because l want money,” said one of the vendors.

ZBC News also observed that commuter omnibus transporters continue to operate, in violation of lockdown measures, and without adhering to health guidelines such as sanitisation and proper wearing of masks. 

Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 death toll has risen to 713 as of this Sunday, with more than 300 deaths recorded in less than a fortnight.

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