Warriors fans miss stadium euphoria

Sports enthusiasts continue to feel the lockdown pinch as the covid-19 pandemic has placed the fraternity on the ice, moreso, at a time they were anticipating better fortunes this year after the greater part of 2020 was affected by COVID-19.

Reeling from the pains which range from losing loved ones and prominent sports personalities owing to COVID-19 and, that of being denied freedom to gather and rally behind their beloved teams, the pandemic has brought about bitter memories for football fans.

“It’s very painful that we have been relegated to watching our beloved team on the TV, we could have been travelling with the team, but COVID-19 has disturbed us a lot,” said Zivanai Muwashu, Friends of the Warriors Secretary General.

Tatenda Mushonga, Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association Northern Region Chairperson, said: “We are so used to physically support the team in the stadia, but because of the obtaining situation there’s nothing we can do about it.

“Safety comes first otherwise we would have been in Cameroon by now. We can only rally the boys from home and wish them well. Go Warriors Go!!!”

“This is such a painful experience the feeling is different when you are watching the game at home than being in the stadium. We really miss those good old days where we would travel all over and sing as we cheer on our team.

“Anyway, we wish the boys well and pray they don’t contract the virus. Go Warriors Go!!!” said Kudzai Pasipanodya, a Warriors fan.

Despite getting some consolation from watching other running leagues, fans desire more.

Football resumption in Zimbabwe was given a nod late last year and all top-flight leagues had since started group training in preparation for the once promised mini-league which never took off due to financial constraints especially on the part of ZIFA.

With that route having failed, it was hoped that the 2021 season would commence a bit early and visibly starved fans were busy preparing to take to the stadia to support their beloved teams with much zeal and enthusiasm, alas the COVID-19 demons once again knocked on the football doorstep, leaving the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) to ban all sporting activities until the situation normalises.

Now sports enthusiasts are back to square one, hoping that sooner rather than later a new day will bring with it better news.

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