Miners eye 40 ton gold output

Small scale gold miners say the target of 40 tonnes of the yellow metal per year is still attainable if all stakeholders work together to support production and plug leakages.

Gold remains key to the country’s economy, with small scale miners contributing about 60 percent of the total output.

However, the ambitious target of 40 tonnes of gold in 2020 was not met as the nation only managed less than half of the target.

Spokesperson of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation, Mr Dosman Mangisi says there is a need for all stakeholders in the gold sector to close rank and work on practical strategies to grow and promote the mining and processing of the yellow metal.

“There is a need for all stakeholders – the Reserve Bank, miners, providers of chemicals and equipment and the parent ministry to come together and ensure that when targets are set the support services are also there to achieve these targets because setting targets alone is not the best way of managing a key economic sector,” he said.

He also implored miners to stop mining in areas which received good rains, saying these areas are unsafe for blasting as shafts may collapse leading to loss of life.

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