Simba FC playing dirty with covid-19?

As the world battles the covid-19 pandemic, Tanzania football club Simba SC seems to be using the virus as a weapon to defeat opponents.

The numbers in the stands said it all. How on earth is it possible for 30 thousand fans to fill up a stadium in the middle of a raging global pandemic?

As if that is not enough, there is a worrying pattern that was tried against Plateau United of Nigeria who have since taken their issue with CAF in the wake of an expose that their covid-19 results were tampered with.

Enter FC Platinum – the same trick is implemented this time to perfection as the team’s covid-19 results were released 3 hours before the match with five players not eligible to feature in the encounter after their results returned negative.

Somehow, Confederation of African Football- CAF protocol was violated amid revelations that a Simba official collected the results instead of a representative of the continental governing body.

Zimbabwe Football Association Head of Delegation Geylord Madhunguza narrates what turned out to be a nightmare in Dar es Salaam.

“We went into a pre-match meeting and were told that results will be available on the day of testing and when we went for testing we were told that later in the day.

“We checked with the doctor later in the day and he told us that the results were not ready and upon checking with him in the evening he advised us to check with Simba and upon checking with them they did not know anything about out result,” says Madhunguza.

FC Platinum have since taken samples for covid-19 retesting at a private laboratory in the same country where Simba convinced everyone that there is only one lab.

While the 4-0 result tells a different story for neutral, FC Platinum have a case after playing the match under protest while Plateau United of Nigeria also filed a complaint against the same Simba side.

After all, a call for justice and fair play is not too much to ask.

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