Motorists appeal for increased staffing at the country’s tollgates

By ZBC Reporter

MOTORISTS are appealing for more interventions at tollgates to allow a smooth passage throughout the festive the season to avoid spending more time on the roads.

A fortnight ago the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development announced a raft of measures to reduce delays at tollgates caused by glitches encountered on existing payment platforms.

A snap survey by this Zbc News revealed mixed scenarios at two tollgates just outside Harare.

A vehicles queue along the Harare-Bindura highway tollgate was reasonably shorter, with motorists spending thirty minutes on average where ordinarily they would go for at least an hour before gaining passage.

I have spent about thirty minutes here but I’m about to be served it is a bit slow but it’s better because they are accepting all payment forms, said one of the motorists.

 However, it was a different situation at the tollgate along Harare-Mutoko road, where motorists became impatient with the slow service they encountered.

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Dr Joel Biggie Matiza has since encouraged the use of vouchers which can be bought at designated ZINARA outlets or use of prepaid tap cards which do not encounter network challenges.

With less than 24 hours before Christmas Day, there is an anticipated upsurge of vehicular traffic on the country’s highways and motorists will be expecting a reduction in entry bottlenecks at the tollgates in order to spend more time with their loved ones.

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