Timely disbursement of inputs to boost cotton target

By ZBC Reporter
COTTON farmers have described the 2020/2021 distribution of Presidential Inputs the most organised and promising for the sector to hit the set target of 300 thousand tonnes this year.
Cotton production which has increased to over 80 thousand tonnes this marketing season is poised for dizzy heights with farmers promising to double the production after receiving key inputs on time.
While cotton has germinated in most country’s white- gold-belts, farmers in Gutu, Nyamaropa and Buhera have this year ventured into cotton growing in a big way.
“We registered for the inputs and within a short space of time, they were delivered to our doorsteps so it made our farming easier and many thanks to the rains which have boosted our prospect of a bumper harvest. This time around we will hit the best yields are compared to previous years, say the farmers in Buhera. `this the most organised year, we got our inputs on time and the rains are good what is needed is our labour and we are here in the fields to make sure we produce the best quality and yields, says another farmer in Gutu,’’ he said.
The Cotton Company of Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer Pious Manamike says his organisation has cast the inputs distribution net wider to other new areas in a move expected to boost output.
“The good thing is that farmers in areas like Gutu and Filabusi who were not growing cotton have joined the bandwagon and we have given them inputs. The good rains have also come as a plus for the farmers to boost yields while the new varieties introduced last year have the potential to turn around the cotton sector to the targeted figures, he said,’’ he said.
Under the new government trust of modernisation and industrialisation cotton has been described as strategic crop which calls for maximum value addition as the country move to revitalise the textile industry that had nosedived over the past years.

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