Desist from profiteering tendencies: Retailers told

By Davison Vandira
ZIMBABWEANS have called upon the business sector to be guided by ethical and responsible practices, amid increased demand for goods and services this festive period.

A snap survey by ZBC News in Harare this Sunday revealed mixed reactions by Zimbabweans regarding the price of goods and services.

Amid these public concerns, Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers president, Mr Denford Mutashu warned members of his constituency against increasing prices without justifiable cause.

“We are getting reports of traders who are increasing prices in an unjust manner, we taking this seriously and we will be implementing measures to curb such malpractices across the board,” he said.

As the festive season begins, the general sentiment is that the current macro-economic stability should be an incentive for businesses not to engage in unethical behaviour.

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