Local seed manufacturing giant penetrates African Market

By ZBC Reporter

A local farming industry giant is now exporting to 21 African countries and generating foreign currency to support the country’s economic activities in line with targets of the National Development Strategy One.

Seedco Limited’s penetration into the African market is being driven by the continent’s food security drive.

The company’s African adventure is immensely benefiting Zimbabwe in various economic aspects as clarified the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Morgan Nzwere.

 As a company our efforts are in line with national aspirations in transforming the economy to be an export-led which brings it with many benefits including enhanced employment creation, he said.

Economic analyst, Mr Persistence Gwanyanya explained why it is critical for local companies to be net exporters of goods and services.

“The importance of increased exports for any economy cannot be overemphasized for obvious reasons such as a favourable balance of trade and that is exactly what Zimbabwe needs at the moment, said Gwanyanya.

The prevailing macro-economic stability and relaxation of lockdown restrictions augurs well with the country’s vision of achieving an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

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