ZIFA President trial kicks off

By ZBC Reporter

The trial of ZIFA president Felton Kamambo, who is facing bribery charges, has kicked off with the accused denying the allegations.

Kamambo is being charged on 32 counts for allegedly offering bribes to prospective voters in the 2018 ZIFA presidential elections.

Allegations are that Kamambo made several mobile money transactions to ZIFA Councillors who form the Electoral College.

The defence team, however, said the payments were for food, accommodation and transport allowances during the campaign period.

Kamambo also argues that government rules do not apply when it comes ZIFA electoral issues, hence no crime was committed.

However, the complainant in the matter, former ZIFA President Phillip Chiyangwa told the court that he learnt that Kamambo rigged the elections through his campaign manager Robert Matoka who showed him EcoCash payments he sent to the intended voters as directed by the accused.

Kamambo will be back in court this Wednesday for the continuation of trial, with the complainant expected to testify again.

Meanwhile, Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume who is facing allegations of criminal abuse of office has been freed on thirty thousand dollars bail at the High Court.

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