Formalise operations, illegal miners told

BY Fungai Jachi

Government has challenged artisanal miners to formalise their operations and curb illegal mining activities that have resulted in the loss of lives across the country.

Speaking to ZBC News during a visit to Premier Estate in Penhalonga this Monday after an accident that claimed two lives a few weeks ago, Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba underscored the importance of legalising artisanal mining operations and providing equipment.

“With the engagement of the Ministry of Mines we are saying let us organise syndicates and give them mining claims and equip them so that they can legally mine so that we reduce this activity of illegal mining.

“The youth are unemployed and trying to ache out a living through illegal means there are dangers associated with illegal mining especially this rainy season we are bound to lose a lot of lives as we have seen in the past.”

Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Honorable Polite Kambamura spoke against engaging in illegal mining activities which have become even riskier during the rainy season.

“We strongly urge illegal miners to stop entering shafts, especially during the rainy season. We have also urged the company that is in charge of this site to have awareness campaigns and have meetings with the community and discourage them from entering these open shafts.

Illegal mining activities in Penhalonga have resulted in massive land degradation, leaving the once scenic view an eyesore.

There is also the constant danger that comes with harmful chemicals used in mining operations.

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