SRC clarifies Mupazviriho, Mamutse suspension

By Larry Trusida
THE Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) says its stands by its decision to suspend Director-General Prince Mupazviriho after he flouted laid down Covid-19 protocols with regards to the travelling of national teams.
This Friday the nation woke up to the news of the suspension of Sports and Recreation Commission –SRC Director-General Prince Mupazviriho and ZIFA Chief Executive Officer Joseph Mamutse amid accusations that national football team assignments to the COSAFA tournament were not approved.
Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) board chair Gerald Mlotshwa says Mupazviriho failed to follow laid down procedures.
“In terms of the Covid Regulations and directives from the Ministry of Sport, the authority to allow any sporting discipline to undertake any sports activity is vested in the Minister of Sports. The function of SRC is to vet applications and forward recommendations to the Minister. The SRC has a covid board committee that deals with these applications. It is chaired by one of the SRC Board members who is a doctor.
“Where a team wishes to participate in a tournament outside the country, it is the Minister acting in liaison with the Hon VP Chiwenga who is also responsible for the Ministry of Health, who grant that authority. That is documented fact which ALL NSAs are well aware of pursuant to a circular to that effect from the SRC. The function of SRC is to ensure that all health protocols have been adhered to.
“The teams were not lawfully cleared by the two ministries. Nor where their applications even vetted by the SRC Covid Committee. The documentation supporting this assertion came to light yesterday after extensive interrogation of the DG by myself,” he said.
Mlotshwa also shed light on the suspension of the ZIFA CEO.
“There are issues at ZIFA and also at SRC hence the suspensions pending further investigation. You can’t cry government interference for flouting the clear provisions of the law,” he said.
Veteran Sports Administrator, Sébastien Garikai has been appointed SRC Acting Director-General, while there has been no word from ZIFA on the saga.

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