Mining sector: Adoption of modern technologies key to improving productivity

By Owen Mandovha

The adoption of modern technologies by the mining industry will be key in harnessing the operational efficiency of local mining companies to achieve the envisaged 12 billion US dollar mining economy by 2023.

The state of the local mining industry came under the spotlight at this year’s Association of Mine Managers Zimbabwe Conference in Harare this Thursday where professionals from the sector gathered to map the way forward amid various challenges, including Covid-19.

Chamber of Mines President, Mrs Elizabeth Nerwande presented a post mortem of the industry.

“The industry was badly affected by the Covid 19 pandemic due to depressed demands, but lack of foreign currency, unfavourable forex retention rations remain issues which adversely impacted on the performance of mining companies.”

Looking ahead, Association of Mine Managers Zimbabwe Vice President, Mr Innocent Guvakuva said the application of modern practices is critical for local mining assets to be competitive.

” It is imperative that as mine managers we move ahead in acquiring the much-needed skills and apply technologies which improve local assets to comparatively compete amid high operating costs.”

The conference is focusing on a wide range of issues which include innovation, regulation and value addition to meet the 12 billion United States dollar mining economy by the year 2023.

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