Government to track licensed power projects

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT is developing a framework to come up with a mechanism that will monitor the implementation and performance of licensed power projects.

This was disclosed by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Power Development, Engineer Gloria Magombo after a tour of the Kariba south hydropower station by permanent secretaries last Friday.

“We are developing the framework through a grant which we got from the African Development to come up with a mechanism which will allow us to evaluate the level of preparedness of the projects and find out what they require. It’s a process which we requested the regulator to do to continuously evaluate all the licensed projects.

“What we need to do is to ensure the regulator monitors the projects to ensure that whatever license conditions are given to them (project implementers ) are adhered We are also working on a master plan which will help us to prioritise projects and this is what we will use in the procurement process of equipment.
The biggest challenge for most IPPs is project feasibility studies. Project preparation has been a challenge. We encourage those with licenses to ensure they implement them and we want them. to get partners who can assist them to get to the next stage,” she said.

Zimbabwe has a licenced a number of independent power producers though they are at various stages of development, most of them are yet to take off owing to funding challenges which government should reconsider.

Independent power producers have been cited as the missing link in attaining energy sufficiency.

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