Zimbabwe Wrestling Federation in a bid to revive sport

By ZBC Reporter
THE Zimbabwe Wrestling Federation is on drive to promote the sport in the country with Japanese coach and former junior world champion, Suzuki Kazumi having been invited to assist.

Suzuki Kazumi is a wrestling coach and retired wrestler who holds many accolades amongst them the Iran Cadet World Championship, Uzbekistan Junior World Championship as well as the Junior Japan Championship.

Speaking in Harare this Saturday, the Japanese promised to assist local athletes with proper attire and physical technique.

“I believe that Africans have the high physical ability and if they practice well they can be champions but that power needs to be developed. I am so delighted to be here and I have seen that kids do not have proper training gear for wrestling. It is my wish to see them have everything a wrestler needs for training and I’m going to ensure that they get the proper attire for the sport,” said Suzuki.

Zimbabwe Wrestling Federation President, Tapiwa Masinire thanked the Japanese community for their cooperation and hopes to see a fruitful relationship between the two countries in the revival and development of the sport in the country.

“The visit by Mr Suzuki has really benefitted us a lot and put us on the map, he is an international champion and for him to come through to Zimbabwe it means a lot and we are going to benefit. We really benefited a lot in this programme especially on different wrestling drills that were showcased by Suzuki and I hope our relationship with Japan regarding the sport of wrestling will go a long way,” he said.

Suzuki has already hit the ground running after visiting Kenzim College in Stoneridge for a talent identifi¬cation and training programme.

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