Cotton growers seek profitable payment models to sustain production

By ZBC Reporter
COTTON growers say 250 000 metric tonnes during the 2020-21 cropping season are achievable if outstanding payments on deliveries to COTTCO are cleared and inputs distributed on time.

As farmers prepare for the current summer cropping season, the cotton industry is looking forward to producing 250 000 metric tonnes of the white gold.

However, Cotton Producers Association of Zimbabwe President, Mr Stewart Mubonderi says while more cotton farmers are being assisted with inputs under the presidential support scheme, COTTCO needs to move with speed in clearing outstanding payments to farmers.

“We are concerned over the pricing models because they are not that really sustainable, despite the fact that we received the most support, it is, however, the issue of how the farmer can return to the fields that are mainly worrisome,” he said.

Cottco has been using various payment methods for delivered cotton, with some farmers having received either full or part payment in the form groceries and farming implements.

Viable pricing models, as well as increased funding, will also enable recovery of the sector at a time when cotton production is expected to play a role in the overall economic development of the nation.
Official data shows that the cotton value chain sector sustains more than 400 000 households and has a potential of generating foreign currency after tobacco.

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