Friends of Warriors launch supporters kit

By ZBC Reporter
A group of fans under the banner Friends of the Warriors have launched an official Warriors supporters’ jersey as part of their initiative to generate income and add value to the national team brand.

The launch of an official supporters’ jersey will see fans being easily identified during international assignments.

Asked on whether this move is not in conflict with the official Warriors Umbro replica, an official with the Friends of the Warriors said the initiative is meant to bolster their coffers through incoming generating projects.

“We appreciate and respect the official Umbro replica but this jersey is for us as supporters to generate income and fund ourselves during match travels and also help the team when in need. The idea is to amplify the national team or to add value to what is already there. The jersey will be synonymous with the fans and will not conflict with what ZIFA has already,” said Zivanai

Other football stakeholders who are part of the initiative described the development as a milestone achievement towards catering for the welfare of supporters each time they travel with the team.

“The idea is to help supporters with expenses especially when they travel with the team. We hope to grow brand Zimbabwe hence the launch of this jersey. We are quite positive this move will help fans a lot in as much as their identification is concerned. Our partnership will span across many years as we work towards uplifting the brand if the Warriors,” they said.

Of late, ZIFA has struggled to produce replica jerseys and the launch of this official supporters’ shirt is expected to bridge that gap and go a long way in promoting the Warriors brand.

The jersey is expected to be accessible in all the country’s provinces.

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