Sportspersons challenged to balance between sport and academics

By ZBC Reporter

The need for sportspersons to secure their future has once again come under the microscope with experts saying the academic side should not be neglected.

Having seen some of his former colleagues wallowing in poverty after failing to prepare for life after football, Canada based former Zimbabwe Saints player, Eddie Mukahanana has set up a football academy at the University of Victoria which seeks to create a balance between football and the academic side.

“Education is just an important part of life. Even if you make it successfully and you play in the premier league or you make it to go play in Europe, managing your own money and understanding that the little that you have made,” says Mukahanana.

“The joke is always on former players what they do when they finish playing.

“I think if you go through this academy pathway where you are going through your education and understanding its importance, regardless of how intelligent you are in school, you have to stick with it.

“When you retire you will have a business or academic background and you can say I can go teach.”

The academy which is made up of players from all over the world trains six times a week and also plays in an amateur league in Canada

Mukahanana played for Chikwata before stints in the US and Russia after which he pursued coaching resulting in him attaining a UEFA A license. 

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