Transitional Stabilisation Programme pays off

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT is satisfied with progress that has been made under the Transitional Stabilisation Programme in propelling the country towards achieving vision 2030.
Teams from the finance and economic development ministry and the Office of the President and Cabinet hosted a stakeholders consultative retreat in Chinhoyi where they unpacked the achievements of the Transitional stabilisation programme (TSP) introduced in 2018 with key deliverables expected to help the country achieve vision 2030.
Among the achievements unravelled by finance and economic development deputy minister, Honourable Clemence Chiduwa was ongoing infrastructure development projects across the country.
He, however, spoke more on the positive performance of the fiscal and monetary policies.
“The monetary policy is working and we now have the Dutch auction system. IAM happy with progress made especially the link that is there between the pricing system and the forex exchange rate. The stability of the exchange rate has resulted in the stability in prices,” he said.
Mashonaland West Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Honourable Mary Mliswa said the engagement process between central government and provinces will help craft strategies that dovetail with national priorities.
“The process, besides helping us refocus our planning to national priorities, will help us see how we are performing as a province in the implementation of the TSP,” she said.
According to chief director in the office of the President and Cabinet, Mr Milton NDOU, collective participation is required in the implementation of economic policies.
“Our role now is call for collective attention so that everyone can participate. The TSP has achieved positive developments. Zimbabwe can once again its Jewel of Africa status,” he said.
The National Development Strategy 2021-2025 is set to succeed the TSP at the end of this year.

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