Government pledges to support production companies

By ZBC Reporter
SABLE Chemicals has assured the nation that there are enough fertiliser stocks for the forthcoming 2020-2021 summer cropping season.
Speaking after touring the Sable Chemicals plant this Thursday, Industry and Commerce Minister, Dr Sekai Nzenza commended the company for rising above the waters to produce enough fertiliser for the country, amid various economic challenges.
She urged Sable Chemicals to tap into regional markets to stimulate export growth and earn foreign currency.
“We forget to produce local and let’s embrace the vision of our president of producing and consuming local and exporting..,” she said.
Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Senator Larry Mavhima said improved production at the fertiliser producing firm will have a positive effect on agricultural productivity and food security.
“It plays an important role in the government’s agricultural recovery plan, this plan will help in the attainment of food security through smart agriculture, technology,” he said.
Sables Chemicals Chairman, Mr Shingai Mutasa revealed that the company is targeting to become an industrial agro-processing hub for Midlands province.
“We are looking at the creation of other agro-processing products utilising the land that sits around sable chemicals…,” he said.
Minister Nzenza pledged foreign currency support to the country’s sole ammonium nitrate fertiliser manufacturer, as the company sits at the heart of national economic recovery.

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