Belarus sets up mechanisation factory in Harare

By ZBC Reporter
THE government of Belarus has set up a factory for training locals to assemble, operate and service farm mechanisation equipment which was recently commissioned by government to boost agricultural productivity.
Zimbabwe’s reengagement and engagement efforts are bearing fruit, with Belarus coming on board to set up a mechanisation factory in Harare to impart expertise on assembling, operating, and servicing agriculture equipment under the Belarus Mechanisation Facility.
“We have set up this workshop to provide back-up service for the mechanisation programme launched by the President last week. We find it necessary that we impart expertise from Belarus to Zimbabweans so that they will be able to assemble, operate, service the harvesters and tractors commissioned recently.
“We are happy that the implementation of the project involves an all in approach from back up to provision of special technologies to enhance productivity – we hope the setting up of a factory will provide opportunities for transfer of expertise and job employment, boost productivity and enhance food security in the face of Covid 19,” said Aliaksandr Kazakevich Bison Agro Machinery chief executive officer.
Locals who have gone through the training programme at the new factory expressed confidence that government’s industrialisation policy is bearing fruit.
“We are getting expertise from training we are reviewing here, we are confidence that in the near future we will be able to manufacture some of Agric equip like this. We believe what President Mnangagwa is driving to ensure we produce our own and revive our industry to create employment – this is the beginning, says one head of mechanics trained at the workshop,” they said.
Under the first phase of the Belarus Mechanisation facility, 474 tractors, 60 combine harvesters and 210 planters have been imported, with some combine harvesters already being used for harvesting wheat in various parts of the country.

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