ZGA ecstatic over a return to competitive action

By ZBC Reporter
THE Zimbabwe Golf Association has welcomed the recent turn of events which will see competitive action returning with all the necessary support structures available.
The recent announcement by the Sport and Recreation Commission -SRC will see the Zimbabwe Golf Association holding competitions, using caddies and opening club restaurants.
Golf is one of the low risk sport codes that had been given the greenlight by government in May but there were restrictions on the opening of club restaurants and use of caddies as part of strict safety measure to contain the spread of Covid-19.
With a number of people surviving on being caddies, this will come as good news, while the sport can also generate revenue from their commercial entities.
Zimbabwe Golf Association President, Mufaro Chivonivoni has since welcomed the move although he was quick to point out that it will take time for normalcy to return.
“We are now on the road to getting back to where we were before. It will take a bit of time for things to go back to what we were used to. Certain things might not go back to how they used to be but I think we are on the right direction,” he said.
As part of the clearance conditions, caddies will have to maintain a two-metre gap with the golfer at all times while cleaning of golf balls and clubs will remain the sole responsibility of the golfer as a way of reducing the risk of spreading the virus.
The caddie is also required to place the bag at the tee-off marker and immediately step two metres away from the golfers.
Around the greens, golfers are expected to carefully repair ball marks where appropriate without getting too close to fellow players and caddies.

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