Troutbeck ATU Triathlon Africa Cup prepares for 2021

By ZBC Reporter

All is now set for the hosting of the 2020 Troutbeck ATU Triathlon Africa Cup next year on the 20th of February with the travel relaxation a promising development.

While the triathlon season generally starts around September, the outbreak of the COVID19 made sure that this year’s was delayed.

Rick Fulton the Director of the event revealed that organisers are hopeful of better times especially with the recent travel restriction relaxations although they maintain that the event will still go ahead with locals if borders are not yet open for international participants.

“We are not going to let the event go away because the international component won’t be there possibly, limited or whatever the reason. The event will proceed with all the other events taking prime stage until we return to some sort of normality,” he said.

Fulton however believes that the postponement of the event carried with it a blessing in disguise as it afforded athletes to use it as qualification to the Olympics.

“Looking at it on the other side, 2021 is a bonus for us from the point of view that the Olympic games have now been postponed. So that opens up Troutbeck again within the international Olympic qualification system regards to triathlon because all of that we have put on hold for 2020.”

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