IDCZ Board has been dissolved with immediate effect

The Ministry  of Industry and Commerce undertook a strategic review in December 2019, whereby the main objective was to realign the Ministry’s objectives  and activities  for the new  Zimbabwe National Industrial  Development Policy (ZNIDP) with a view of  driving the ministry towards vision 2030 to make Zimbabwe an upper middle class economy.


IDCZ Board has been dissolved with immediate effect as part of the re-alignment. In the mean time, the Minister will work with the CEO, Mr B.N Khumalo to refocus and realign the activities of IDCZ.


“The Board has worked really hard in driving the strategic objectives of the IDCZ.On behalf of the ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Minister would like to thank  all Board members for their contribution, competence and expertise. A new Board will soon be reconstituted once the due diligence is completed” Said Hon. Dr Sekai Nzenza.

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