Gvt advises Zimbabweans to be aware of Scam ran by unscrupulous SA based Zimbabweans

There are individuals and entities of Zimbabwean extraction based in South Africa scumming fellow Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe claiming that the Government of South Africa is helping Zimbabweans boost agricultural productivity by donating equipment. Individuals are made to pay money for transporting the equipment.

The Government advises the public that there is no such a programme.

“The Government of Zimbabwe wishes to advise all Zimbabwean citizens that all agricultural equipment meant to benefit the citizenry from whatever source is distributed  by the appropriate government department in Zimbabwe” Said Dr M.J.M Sibanda, the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet.

Transport payments were supposed to be deposited in a South African bank, the account details of the fraudsters have been kept by the Embassy in Pretoria, they will be released to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.



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