BYO Community engaged over the destruction of cooling towers

Energy and power Development Minister, Advocate Fortune Chasi has engaged the Bulawayo community and apologized for ZESA’s failure to adequately explain to the community the envisioned destruction of two cooling towers at ZESA plant.

ZESA did not consult the residents, council and the minister of state for Provincial Affair on the project which seeks to revitalize the Bulawayo power station.

Advocate Chasi apologized on behalf of ZESA to the residents of Bulawayo for not consulting them about the project.

Out of six, only two cooling towers will be brought down for safety reasons.

Hon. Minister Chasi explained to the community that the destruction of these cooling towers will pave way for refurbishments of the ZESA power station, the community will benefit through employment creation.  The towers will be designed using Ndebele artistic imagery.

ZESA engineer, Fani Muvhondo explained that the project will result in the addition of 90 megawatts to the nation grid.

ZESA, Hon. Minister Chasi and the Bulawayo community were urged to unite and work together to ensure the success of the project to deliver needed electricity for the nation by the Bulawayo Minister of state, Mrs Judith Ncube.

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