Good times ahead for Zimbabwe

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday addressing thousands of Zion Christian Church congregants gathered at the church’s cathedral at Mbungo Estates to celebrate Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi’s birthday said Zimbabweans should unite and be strong during these difficult economic challenges confronting the country. The President assured the gathering that Zimbabwe’s economic challenges will soon be a thing of the past. He cited an example by Bishop Mutendi from the Bible about how a woman in Labour endures the pain till a child is born when she rejoices. The President said, “It is the same situation to our country, we are currently in problems but let us unite and persevere saying ‘push push’, we must continue moving forward as a nation fully aware that the current challenges are temporarily and good times will soon roll.
The birthday ceremony was also used to pray for the rains. The President said if the country receives good rains Government will be spared the painstaking burden of importing food, leaving money in its coffers to be used for developmental projects that improve lives of ordinary Zimbabweans.

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