Magaya AIDS cure dismissed

The Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Monica Mutsvangwa at a Press conference said Prophet Walter Magaya of the Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries Aguma has not yet been submitted for review and assessment as a herbal supplement and people should not buy unapproved medicines and from people who are not licenced.
Prophet Magaya on Sunday claimed that he had  discovered an Aids cure which is Aguma. Minister Mutsvangwa said,
“medicines go through rigorous tests including clinical trials, which involve use of the product under strict medical supervision. This is done prior to registration and the results are submitted to the medicines regulator as evidence of the effectiveness of a medicine,”
Furthermore, Minister Mutsvangwa said there has no record for Aguma in the medicines register or the register of clinical trials had records for Aguma. Herbal medicines now required approval by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe and Aguma had not yet been submitted for review and assessment.
“The ministry strongly urges all clients on treatment for HIV and Aids to continue on their prescribed medication. Any form of discontinuation or switch made without the guidance of medical professionals may lead to adverse consequences on their health status,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.
She said the Ministry of Health will continue encouraging and supporting innovations and discoveries of new products which are done within the provided regulatory framework.
Prophet Magaya’s claim also drew criticism from different stakeholders in the health sector arguing that people living with HIV might stop taking their antiretroviral treatments for the Aguma herb.
Prophet Magaya said the Aguma plant contains chemicals that can be boost the immune system and is found in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


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