Kasukuwere arrested

Former Cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere was yesterday arrested on four counts of alleged abuse of office and spent a night at Rhodesville Police Station pending his appearance in court today.
Kasukuwere handed himself over to the police yesterday morning on his return from South Africa.
He is allegedly facing three counts of criminal abuse of office as a public officer during his tenure as a Cabinet minister, according to his lawyer, Mr Jonathan Samukange.
Mr Samukange said the first three charges were allegedly committed while Kasukuwere was serving as a Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.
The other count was allegedly committed while he was the Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment in which he reportedly corruptly awarded a tender to a company called Brainworks Capital.
Mr Samukange said Kasukuwere is expected to appear in court today.
“My client arrived from South Africa yesterday (Sunday) and we communicated with the police and agreed to hand him over to them today (Monday) in the morning and the agreed time was 8:30am,” he said.
“We handed him to the Uniform Branch Special Anti-Corruption Unit where they recorded his warned and cautioned statement on criminal abuse of office charges. From there we proceeded to the National Prosecuting Authority and spent hours there.
“We were then told that there were certain issues that police needed to attend to in respect of the allegations hence he was taken back to the police and is now being detained at Rhodesville Police Station pending his appearance in court today.”
Mr Samukange said the three counts were related to land issues involving former First Lady Mrs Grace Mugabe’s sister, Junior Shuvai Gumbochuma.

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